North Fort Myers, FL


Officially established in 2018 as a not-for-profit animal rescue, Florida-based Sally’s Acres has been providing a loving home for animals to roam since 2010.

When Sharon, the present caretaker and founder of Sally’s acres took ownership of a farm in North Fort Myers, Florida, she learned that the property had been home to three barrel race horses. The prior owners departed with the momma and the other mare, and the third horse Sally was left behind because “her brakes did not work!”

It turned out that Sally’s brakes work just fine. Although perfectly trained in the sport of racing she simply HATES anything to do with it. Sally happily became a pasture pony, our first rescue, and the namesake of Sally’s Acres.

Over the years the pasture at Sally’s Acres has become home to many precious souls who found their sanctuary and have an environment to freely roam.  The acreage has evolved to the 501c3 providing a place where the community can enjoy the company of these animals as well as learn the need to respect their existence.