North Fort Myers, FL

Meet the Animals

Sally’s Acres is currently home to 3 horses, 30 goats, a potbelly pig, 13 chickens,9 dogs, and 30+ cats  (and counting!)

We rescue and rehabilitate animals who have been abused or neglected, and give them a safe place to live and roam on our pasture in a safe and healthy environment.

As a sanctuary one of the hardest tasks is loosing one who has become part of the family.  Tears of joy, laughter and sorrow are shed here along with the necessities of daily living. Each has a promise that this is home until they are called home.

Meet some of our current residents:

Sally is the namesake of the acreage and the first of the three horses to come live with us on the property. An 18 year old Appaloosa / Quarter Horse blend with hidden talents, Sally is known on the farm as the great escape artist. She can let herself and the other horses out of their stalls.